Domitila Private Wildlife Reserve is dedicated to conserving the wildlife and flora of one of the last remaining remnants of dry tropical forest on the Pacific coast of Central America. Our facilities and programming are designed to offer low-impact ecotourism, scientific investigation and environmental education, and to promote the sustainable development of communities around the reserve.


Located in the heart of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, one of the richest biological areas in Nicaragua, the reserve is a refuge for threatened and endangered species of the dry tropical forest. It features a very complete representation of flora and fauna for this type of forest. Domitila is a paradise for researchers and nature lovers with 65 species of mammals including howler monkeys and wild cats. The reserve has more than 125 species of tropical birds, reptiles, butterflies, and insects. A portion of the reserve borders the southwest shore of Lake Cocibolca (Lake of Nicaragua), drawing numerous migratory neotropical birds.

Domitila's coordinates are approximently 11º42´ North x 85º55´ West. Turnoff is at kilometer 72.5 off the Panamerican Highway at El Manchón, 10 kilometers from highway.

During the day, you can traverse the reserve by hiking or horseback riding on one of several guided nature trails. You can also take a short excursion by boat to see Pre-Columbian sites at Isla Zapatera National Park, an archeological jewel.

Spend the night with us in the in the middle of the dry tropical forest listening to the whispers of nocturnal birds, forest night sounds, and howler monkey chattering, under a typically clear sky full of stars and constellations. Our lodge and dormitory facilities are rustic, super clean, and very comfortable. Guests stay in rooms with a private bathroom and shower. A spacious dormitory with bathrooms and showers is available for students.

In the morning, you will awaken to the sounds of birds such as oropendulas, blackheaded trogans, woodpeckers, and guardabarrancos (mot mots), the Nicaraguan national bird.

Enjoy our delicious meals featuring many homegrown ingredients and dine at night by candlelight. Experience the tranquility and natural beauty of Domitila, far away from city noise, ringing telephones, and television. We are easy to access-the entrance is located 10 km from the Pan American highway, 80 km north of the Costa Rican border, 85 km from Managua, and 33 km from the colonial city of Granada (see map).

Please come and visit us soon!

Contact Info:

Cell phone: 505-8811786
E-Mail: info@domitila.org
Mailing address: Maria Jose Mejia
Casa Dr. Francisco Barbarena B
Calle Amelia Benard #107
Granada, Nicaragua

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