Within Domitila you will find a wide variety of activities to take advantage of.
Activities range from a moderately strenuous hiking experience on a hilly trail with fantastic views of the Mombacho Volcano and Lake Cocibolca to the utmost in relaxation as you sip a cool glass of herbal iced tea made from local plants and read a book in a comfortable hammock at the lodge.

Domitila is a private wildlife reserve that offers many wonderful activities for nature enthusiasts. It is a perfect destination for singles, couples, or families looking to spend some quality time together. The reserve also is an excellent site for retreats, training workshops, and scientific investigations.

Experience hiking trails of varying lengths and difficulty levels. Enjoy bird-watching and make many new additions to your life bird list.

Observe nature at its finest including many identified butterflies, flowers, mammals, reptiles, and insects.Relax!! in our comfortable hammocks and Adirondack style chairs in the lodge.

All this is available at an entrance fee of $5.00 per person.

Other activities include:

Natural History Guided Hikes. Walk through Domitila forest trails with an English-, French- or Spanish- speaking naturalist guide. Learn about the unique ecosystem of the dry tropical forest and its flora and fauna. Walks vary in length and duration and are suited to individual interests and needs.

• Bird watching: $15 per person. (3-4 hours). Includes bottled water.

• Butterfly observation: $25 per person (3-4 hours). Includes bottled water.

• Wildlife observation: $15 per person (3-4 hours). Includes bottled water, fruits, natural drink.

• Dry tropical forest hike: $10 (1-2 hours).

• Wetland ecosystem hike (adjacent to Lake Cocibolca): $30 per person (4-6 hours). Includes bottled water, fruits, natural drink, and transport by ox cart.

• Night hike for observation of nocturnal wildlife: $10 per person (2 hours).

• Horseback Riding: Horses are excellent way to see the reserve and are available for $15 per hour per person.

• Expedition to Isla Zapatera National Park that includes visit to Pre-Columbian archeological site: $100 per person (6-7 hours). Includes biologist guide, transport to lake, boat, life jacket, bottled water, fruit, natural drinks, National Park entrance fee.

• Expedition to Reserva Natural Lagunas de Mecatepe: $100 per person (6-7 hours). Includes biologist guide, transport to the reserve, bottled water, fruit, natural drinks.

Package prices are available for 2 nights and 3 days. Please contact Domitila for prices. All prices quoted in U.S. dollars. Tips to the guides are not included in quoted prices.


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