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The dry tropical forest is a very endangered ecosystem and is rapidly disappearing in Central America. Dry tropical forest once covered most of the Pacific coast from Northern Mexico to Panama. Even in historic times this ecosystem has been fragile and quite heavily impacted by Pre-Columbian cultures, some of which probably collapsed because the ecosystem cannot support intensive agriculture in the long term.

Domitila boasts one of the two best preserved dry forests in Nicaragua with giant trees comparable to the rain forest, however, unlike the rain forest, wildlife is easier to see, yet there is similar diversity to climax rain forest. Biologically, there is just as much to discover in dry forests as in rain forest, with many new species still being discovered each year in the last remaining patches of the very endangered habitat.

Scientists that visited Domitila compiled the following lists of flora and fauna lists. More will be added as they become available.

Tree List - Martin Lezama and Alfredo Grijalba (Spanish) - Word and .pdf

1) Partial List of Fauna - Mammals & Reptiles (Spanish/Scientific/English) - Word and .pdf
2) Butterflies of Domitila - Dr. Fred Sibley (Scientific) - .pdf
3) Reptiles and Butterflies - Eric Van de Berghe (Spanish/Scientific) - Word and .pdf
4) Damselflies and Dragonflies - Dr. Fred Sibley Field Notes (English/Scientific) - Word and .pdf
5) Beatles & Other Insects - (Scientific/German) - Word and .pdf
6) Birds at Domitila - (Spanish/Scientific/English) - Excel

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