Our facilities reflect our commitment to low-impact tourism and sustainable community development. Constructed in 2000 by local workers, the lodges utilize wood, stone and other materials obtained from the area. The buildings feature watertight roofs made from palm that provide cool and inviting rooms. The rooms are tastefully decorated and comfortable with private baths in the guest rooms (see photos). Composting toilets are used to help minimize waste and create fertilizer for our tree nursery. Solar energy powers our water supply and certain appliances in the kitchen. During the evenings, lanterns illuminate our lodges.

Dine in style in our lovely dining room and enjoy delicious food prepared by talented cooks hired from the community. Many of the ingredients are grown or harvested from the reserve. Our meals draw rave reviews from guests.

During breaks and evenings, take a siesta in one of our comfortable hammocks or sit and relax in our inviting Adirondack-style chairs. Visit with the friendly and knowledgeable owners.

Our rates are:

Entrance fee: US$5.00 per person

Lunch: US$22.00 per person

Overnight stay in guest room including 3 meals: US$90.00 per person


For reservations, please e-mail or call us.
Cell phone: 505-881-1786
Mailing address: Maria Jose Mejia
Casa Dr. Francisco Barbarena B
Calle Amelia Benard #107
Granada, Nicaragua